Clippers failure erupts NBA Twitter

The Los Angeles Clippers were eliminated from NBA playoffs after losing game 7 on Tuesday to the Denver Nuggets. The Nuggets had previously came back from a 3–1 deficit in the first round against the Utah Jazz, and did it yet again against the Clippers by winning four straight games to move on. Clippers blew it, and the NBA world erupted all over social media.

Key players failed to finish the series off, such as Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. It was Leonard’s first year in Los Angeles, and he was outscored in game 7. While George notably had heated exchanges with teammate Montrezl Harrell on the bench and during the game.

Several memes were posted by some NBA players, fans and alumni, amusing themselves in the defeat and downfall of the Clippers.

ESPN took to Twitter as well, to remind fans what Clippers coach Doc Rivers has brought to the franchise; which has unfortunately been losses and disappointments.

The Clippers, losing once again, will undergo many changes in the upcoming seasons. Better team chemistry and coaching will likely improve the next forthcoming years. For now, the Clippers will return home due to elimination from the bubble. As for the Nuggets, after defeating the Clippers, will move onto the Western Conference finals against the Los Angeles Lakers beginning on Friday.

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