Cam Newton tests positive for Coronavirus, fueling the fire on the NFL

The NFL has postponed this Sunday’s highly anticipated Patriots-Chiefs battle due to Cam Newton, the Patriots quarterback, testing positive for Coronavirus. Multiple news outlets reported the testing.

In addition to him, another player on the Chiefs’ squad also tested positive. These two positive tests are just furthering complaints against the NFL for not having a so-called “bubble” as the NBA does. The Patriots released a statement following the announcement.

Last week, the Tennessee Titans team was tested and more than nine people have tested positive, with more being tested since then. The bout between the Titans and Steelers was also postponed, and the Titans have since not been allowed to practice. In response to this, the NFL tightened protocols and distancing measures.

Multiple positive tests are the first major challenges the NFL are facing in completing their regular season as planned. The commissioner, Roger Goodell is pushing consequences for correct measures not being followed such as giving fines to multiple coaches for not wearing a mask on the sidelines. The league notified players and coaches they would also not be allowed to leave their cities during bye weeks.

The game between the Patriots and Chiefs will be played Monday instead.

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