WrestleMania 37 Day 1 Predictions

Match 1: Drew McIntyre vs Bobby Lashley (C) for the WWE Championship

Despite the outpouring of support for Lashley for his championship win on Raw a few weeks ago, McIntyre did not win in front of fans last year at WrestleMania in the main event win vs Brock Lesnar. Because of this, I believe the crowd wants to see this. I believe this match will begin the showcase of the immortals. Prediction: Drew McIntyre wins.

Match 2: The New Day (C) vs Omos & AJ Styles for the WWE Raw Tag Team Champions

The New…

Back in July of this year, Taylor Swift dropped a surprise album titled “Folklore” in the midst of a pandemic. And on Dec. 10 of last week, she announced her second surprise album of 2020, “Evermore” to be released at midnight. (Tweet below)

“Evermore”, her ninth studio album, is the sister album to her previously released “Folklore”. Her previous album was a chart topper, according to the Los Angeles Times, holding number one on the Billboard 200 for eight weeks and becoming the first album to sell 1 million copies in 2020.

Swift mentioned in the tweet below that…

The Baltimore Ravens, Denver Broncos, and San Francisco 49ers’ teams have all been impacted by coronavirus this weekend.

The Ravens’ game against the Pittsburgh Steelers was set to take place on Thursday, but was rescheduled to Sunday due to coronavirus concerns. Since then, six more players tested positive, bringing their total to 18 cases. (ESPN reports) Following the cancellation, Ravens released a statement.

Due to outbreaks, the Ravens-Steelers game was postponed again to Tuesday, Dec. 1. (ESPN reports)

In Denver, the Broncos’ three remaining quarterbacks are all unable to play in Sunday’s game against the New Orleans Saints after…

Written for Comm 315–01, Dr. Reynolds

LGBTQ+ athletes have been misrepresented, misunderstood, and mistreated in mass media for years- maybe even decades. Their sexuality or identity should not ruin their careers or get them shunned out in the locker room.

LGBTQ+ athletes are not a “distraction” or “fearful” for themselves but are simply put: athletes.

The majority of mistreatment starts in their youth for these athletes. In an entry written in the Journal of Sport, Education, and Society, a study formed about LGBTQ+ inclusion in high school sports and found that “LGBQ high school students play sports at a significantly lower rate compared to straight students…

On Oct. 11 of this month, the Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA championship. On Oct. 27 of this week, the Los Angeles Dodgers won the World Series, bringing back the two titles to the city of Los Angeles for the first time since 1988. (LA times reports)

The Lakers won their 17th championship against the Miami Heat in game 6 of the NBA finals 106–93 after a tragic and historic year. This win came after Lakers’ legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna’s death in January of this year.

Two weeks later, the Dodgers are also in game…

Undefeated UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov defeated Justin Gaethje at UFC 254 to become 29–0. Following the win, he announced his retirement from the sport.

UFC 254 was Nurmagomedov’s first fight since the death of his father and trainer in July who passed due to Covid-19 complications. In the second round of the fight, he choked Gaethye into unconsciousness by a triangle hold. (As the Los Angeles Times report.) Immediately following the win, he dropped to his knees in an emotional moment as opponent Gaethye embraced him. After that, Nurmagomedov begins to take off his gloves. …

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott sustained an ankle injury during Sunday afternoon’s divisional game against the New York Giants. The injury occured in the third quarter when Prescott was tackled by Giants defensive back Logan Ryan. Prescott’s right foot was bent in an awkward direction and he was carted off the field with a cast on his lower leg.

Going into this game Prescott had thrown over 400 yards in each of his previous three games and was on track to potentially break records on the field. …

The NFL has postponed this Sunday’s highly anticipated Patriots-Chiefs battle due to Cam Newton, the Patriots quarterback, testing positive for Coronavirus. Multiple news outlets reported the testing.

In addition to him, another player on the Chiefs’ squad also tested positive. These two positive tests are just furthering complaints against the NFL for not having a so-called “bubble” as the NBA does. The Patriots released a statement following the announcement.

Last week, the Tennessee Titans’ team was tested and more than nine people have tested positive, with more being tested since then. The bout between the Titans and Steelers…

The Los Angeles Clippers were eliminated from NBA playoffs after losing game 7 on Tuesday to the Denver Nuggets. The Nuggets had previously came back from a 3–1 deficit in the first round against the Utah Jazz, and did it yet again against the Clippers by winning four straight games to move on. Clippers blew it, and the NBA world erupted all over social media.

Key players failed to finish the series off, such as Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. It was Leonard’s first year in Los Angeles, and he was outscored in game 7. …

Game 5 of the bout between Lakers-Rockets took place on Saturday in which the Lakers eliminated the Rockets and moved on to the Western Conference finals.

An 119–96 defeat brought on by the Lakers, key stars as in Lebron James and Anthony Davis both contributed to the win, punching a ticket to the Conference finals for the first time since 2010. The last time the Lakers touched the finals a different crew was in town. Among that crew, was the Lakers pride and joy, the heart of Los Angeles, legend Kobe Bryant, whom passed back in Late January.

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